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Convergence: Music & Art

Saturday, April 20, 1 - 4 pm
In connection with the exhibition Divergent Convergence, this afternoon will feature original works by Harn Composer-in-Residence Diogo Carvalho incorporating music, dance, poetry and audience participation. Divergent thinking is the generation of new ideas and exploring possibilities through creativity.  By bringing together music and other arts, we expand opportunities and blur the boundaries between the disciplines.

Featured will be Echo Chamber, an interactive composition where audience members participate in the creation by choosing how the piece will proceed. With musicians, Harn Poets-in-Residence and dancers stationed throughout the museum, the piece explores how we experience the music at that particular time and space. Built from an interpretation of a star chart, the sounds and musical ideas are modified, answered, commented, and recreated in a live, open-ended format.

The world premiere of Garden Soundscape (2019), an original work inspired by the Harn Asian Rock Garden and Inside Outside exhibition will be presented in the Cofrin Asian Art Wing. Using the garden as a starting point to organize form and development in the music, the piece will be performed by The Bold City Contemporary Ensemble with the music following the visual aspects of a garden design developed by volunteer Martin McKellar specifically for this project.

Also featured will be Space Duo, a clarinet duo combining sound and movement where you are asked to keep an open mind and not approach the piece as you would in a traditional concert performance. In Afrosamba, a piece composed in collaboration with Harn Choreographer-in-Residence Dani Frost and in a style created by Brazilian artists Vinícius de Moraes and Baden Powell, Carvalho (a Brazilian composer) mirrors the religious/cultural Brazilian syncretism, the mixture of west-African, European, North-American, and Brazilian cultures through his own compositional processes.

Schedule for April 20, 2019 1-4pm, Program is free and open to the public
1 pm Echo Chamber
UF New Music Ensemble
Choreography and dance: Danielle Frost
Poetry readings by Harn Poets-in-Residence Debora Greger, Danny Duffy, Corinne Titus
2 pm Space Duo, Afrosamba
UF New Music Ensemble
Ian McIntyre and Amy Humbert, clarinet duo
Choreography and dance: Danielle Frost
3 pm Garden Soundscape, World Premiere
The Bold City Contemporary Ensemble


Harn Museum of Dance (HMoD) 4.0: Off the Wall

Saturday, March 23, 1 - 4 pm
Explore galleries set-into-motion as performers dance art “off the wall." In sinew, kinetic shape and space, choreography and live performance will bring visual art and the body into captivating dialogue. Drop-in or pick up a schedule and map. Simultaneous performances by students and special guests offer front-row experiences throughout the afternoon; and talk-backs activate reflection and conversation. Also featured are excerpts from José Limón’s “The Traitor,” the singular performance of a Zaouli mask (Cote d’Ivoire), and an Afro-Brazilian Samba Reggae culminating in a dance party for all. In its 4th year, HMoD is a collaboration with the UF Center for World Arts presenting the faculty and students of the School of Theatre and Dance.