Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 15:00

Lecture: The Relevance of Baldwin, the Post-Civil Rights Movement and Not-So Post-Racial Imaginary Through Critical Race Theory
Mark A. Reid, UF Professor of English, Affiliate in the Center for European Studies, the African American Studies Program, and the Center for African Studies
Baldwin’s works reveal the ‘not-so post-racial imaginary’ of whiteness that lacks any knowledge of blackness. He cautions that forms of racial and psychological violence will persist if white America does not relinquish its racialist assumptions in their daily sociopsychological and economic actions. He also argued for a fluid not-static concept of sexual identity, which I argue, reveals Baldwin’s uncompromising attitude toward the every-day banalities of the world that surrounded him and others. This talk covers the moral and ethical relevancy of Baldwin to our contemporary national and international times and is presented as part of the programming for I, Too, Am America