Statement in Support of Racial Justice

We here at the Harn Museum of Art condemn the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and far too many others before them due to violent racism, ignorance and hate. We offer our heartfelt sympathies to their families and loved ones. We are distressed and join our community in demands for justice and accountability.  

As a cultural institution, we have a responsibility to support our communities, and to work against racism and hate. Our nation has a painful history of systemic racism, and this history has broad effects. In museums and throughout the art world, that history is at play in everything from the works selected to be displayed, the artists chosen to be elevated, and the people who make up the staff. Unless they are working hard against it, museums and cultural institutions reify the power structure of white privilege. Thus, we must own a responsibility to educate ourselves, listen to our communities, reflect on our activities and develop—and act on—meaningful plans to work towards justice.

We do not have the answers for how we will achieve this, but we have to be better—to do better. As a crucial first step all museum staff will take part in anti-racism and implicit bias training. We are a university art museum in a strong community, and we have many expert partners who we know will join us in our efforts. We believe art is for everyone. In our galleries at the Harn, we’ve had the honor of sharing art by many artists, activists and photojournalists whose work addresses racial issues, and look forward to featuring more, raising their voices and encouraging a dialogue, even as we challenge ourselves. We hope you will find solace, strength and a voice in art at the Harn as we work together to challenge systemic racism in our sphere of influence and society. 

Black Lives Matter

Lee Anne Chesterfield
Harn Museum of Art Director


Harn National Council Members

The purpose of the Harn National Council is to increase the Harn’s visibility nationally and internationally, broaden the base of support from UF Alumni, friends and art collectors, and to advance fundraising goals.


Ken and Laura Berns
Gainesville, FL

Edward and Joanne Block
Gainesville, FL

Norman and Irma Braman
Miami, FL

Russ and Deirdre Fogler
Gainesville, FL

Jeffrey and Carol Horvitz
Beverly, MA

Cynthia O'Connell
Tallahassee, FL

Lorna Rubin
Gainesville, FL

Robert and Elizabeth Sanchez
Gainesville, FL

Steve Shey
Gainesville, FL

Aase Thompson
Gainesville, FL


Sara and James Toussaint
Gainesville, FL

Marilyn Tubb
Gainesville, FL

Samuel H. and Roberta T. Vickers
Jacksonville, FL



Linda Fuchs
UF First Lady
Gainesville, FL

Cooper Brown
UF Student Body President
Gainesville, FL

Kim Friend
Harn Docent Board President
Gainesville, FL


Mary Ann H. Cofrin
Hazel (deceased) and Bill Hough (deceased)
Bob (deceased) and Nancy Magoon
Mel Rubin (deceased)
Carol Shey
Ron Shore
Rick Thompson


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