AWE-some celebrates new photographs recently bought for, or donated to, the Harn’s permanent collection. Its theme: recognition of several brilliant, dedicated photographers, their time, their actual prints (not on a screen) and why they made them.

AWE-some is also about you, viewer, and what good artmaking can do for the heart and mind.
Quotes on the walls by noted authors will accompany you, as well as information about each photographer’s process and intention. Take time to sit or walk a little slower, look more intently, wonder where the photographer stood when making the image and how the various subjects resonate with our lives, or not.

Hopefully, AWE-some spawns self-reflection and an appreciation for the vision and artistry of fifteen fine art photographers. These fragile sheets of photo paper carry amazing information on them … they are the photographer’s response to the world. They can rouse feelings in us about life and living that connect us or help us rethink what we thought we knew.

Also, in the Rubin photo-gallery alcove, mother, wife, sister, friend … and the people who loved them, an exhibition of 50 amateur snapshots from 1915 to 1960 that show work, leisure and shenanigans among women and their families, originally meant for “2020 The Year of the Woman,” postponed until now.

This exhibition is made possible by the Curator of Photography Endowment, Peter W. Stacpoole and Sara Jo Nixon, Ruth L. Steiner, and Wes and Brenda Wheeler.

Looking at the Icebergs Near Franklin Island, Ross Sea, Antarctica by Camille Seasman