The MUSE (Museum University Student Educator) program

Student Opportunities

Now accepting applications for Fall 2024. The deadline to apply is August 1, 2024. Questions? Contact Errol Nelson at

The MUSE (Museum University Student Educator) program is for college students who will create and present museum activities and programs. MUSEs come from all majors and bring creative and dynamic energy to the museum.


Weekly MUSE Meetings

Weekly museum meetings during the semester at the museum will include:

advisory role

Student Perspectives

Bringing student perspectives into museum planning

student role

Museum Operations

Professional development opportunities for career exploration and valuable experience in the museum field.

Creative Role

Developing Content

Developing interactive content for museum visitors based on artwork in the collection and on view in the galleries

interactive role

Museum Nights

Collaboratively participate in Museum Nights planning and facilitation.

Become A Docent

Docents at the Harn Museum are volunteer tour guides who are trained in art interpretation to guide visitors in conversation about museum collections and exhibitions. Docents are committed volunteers who participate in monthly training sessions and engage multigenerational museum audiences through a variety of tour and public programs.



What can you contribute?

If you are passionate about art and museums or curious about what you can contribute, we invite you to contact us at to learn more.