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Available in American Sign Language upon request.

UF Disability Resource Center collaborations

The UF DRC is partnering with the Harn during Disability Awareness Month 2022, joining us to share information with visitors to Museum Nights on Tuesday October 11, 2022, and for a special digital display of art in celebration of disability awareness.

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We are ADA Compliant

All exhibitions at the museum comply with ADA standards in terms of space requirements between display furniture in order to allow sufficient maneuvering clearance for wheelchairs. Wall labels are printed in 18-24 point and are mounted 48 inches from the floor which is a comfortable viewing location for both those seated and standing.

The Harn’s galleries are equipped with automatic door openers to allow physically-impaired visitors to enter and exit the building and access all gallery spaces independently and with ease. To better serve the physically impaired as well as families that visit the museum, the Harn provides a family restroom at the main museum entrance as well as one downstairs near the Camellia Court Café, adjacent to the classrooms and in the Cofrin Asian Art Wing. These facilities increase both comfort and accessibility for diverse visitors.

Continual self-assessment of compliance with ADA standards is conducted using visitor comments and physical inspection.

Sensory Map

Use this Sensory Map to identify sensory friendly and sensory intensive spaces in the museum. The map indicates lighting and noise conditions, as well as spaces with projected video and audio.

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