We are ADA Accessible

We are proud to be ADA-accessible and provide an inclusive experience for all visitors. Our museum ensures ADA standards are met, with sufficient space for wheelchair maneuverability and clearance to move through the gallery spaces with ease. We offer a variety of assistive technology that allows our diverse visitors to connect with the space. Accessible parking and transportation options are provided. Restrooms are fully accessible, and we have single-stall restrooms with changing tables. Trained service animals are welcome, and we have wheelchairs and walkers available.

Our accessibility is possible with collaborations from UF’s Center of Autism and Related Disabilities, UF’s Disability Resource Center, and continual self-assessment of compliance with ADA standards. For more detailed information on our accessibility, please explore the “Additional Information” section below.

Assistive Technology

Large Label Text and Reading Devices

Wall labels are printed in 16-24 point and are mounted 48 inches from the floor to provide a comfortable viewing location for seated and standing visitors. Additionally, we have large print documents located throughout the galleries.

For those who need assistive listening devices, please visit the Visitor Services Desk to check out a device with reading capabilities.

Sensory Map

Use this Sensory Map (pictured right) to identify sensory-friendly and sensory-intensive spaces in the museum. The map indicates lighting and noise conditions, as well as spaces with projected video and audio.

Sensory Discovery Kits

Our sensory kits were developed to provide individuals with a deeper connection to the art on view. Each kit contains tactile and auditory aids providing alternative ways to explore and enjoy the Harn’s galleries and spaces. All visitors are welcome to check out these kits at the Harn Visitor Services Desk. These resources were created in consultation with UF’s Center of Autism and Related Disabilities.

EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

To ensure everyone can enjoy the beauty of the art on view at the Harn, we offer EnChroma Color Blind Glasses for visitors to check out at our Visitor Services desk. These glasses are available for both children and adults.

Hearing Loop System in our Auditorium

This listening technology can broadcast directly to a wide range of hearing aids, making for more accessible audio in our auditorium during talks and presentations. The Hearing Loop System provides a magnetic, wireless signal that gets picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting. Headphones that are connected to the Hearing Loop System can also be requested. This technology was provided by a generous private grant.


Sensory Discovery Kit

Additional Information

  • Accessibility Exemption Policy

    Food, beverages (including water), gum, large backpacks and candy are not permitted in the galleries.

    Please visit the Information Desk if you encounter a policy that limits your access to the museum and ask about our accessibility exemption policy.

  • Parking and Transportation

    The Harn Museum of Art has several free parking spaces for visitors with disabled person parking permits. The museum is also near several bus stops, providing accessible transportation.

    Gator Lift is a University of Florida service that provides transportation within the boundaries of UF for all students, faculty and staff with mobility-related disabilities. More information on their site (Gator Lift » TAPS (ufl.edu))

  • Physical Access

    The Harn’s galleries are equipped with automatic door openers to allow visitors to enter and exit the building and access all gallery spaces independently and with ease. Continual self-assessment of compliance with ADA standards is conducted with the UF Disability Resource Center, CARD and visitor feedback. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding accessibility during your visit.

    For more information and resources about ADA at UF, click here.

  • Restrooms

    All public restrooms at the Harn Museum of Art are accessible to visitors with disabilities. To better serve the variety of access needs of people with disabilities, families and gender non-conforming visitors, the Harn provides multiple single-stall restrooms with changing tables. You can locate these at the main museum entrance, downstairs near the Camellia Court Café, and in the Cofrin Asian Art Wing. These facilities increase both comfort and accessibility for our diverse visitors.

  • Service Animal Policy

    The Harn Museum of Art welcomes the use of trained service animals by individuals with disabilities. We ask that you check in with the Information Desk to ensure your visit is accessible and compliant with the University of Florida’s policy on service animals.

    For additional resources involving the University of Florida’s policy on service animals. Please visit (link https://ada.ufl.edu/information/service-animal-use/)

  • Wheelchairs and Walkers

    All exhibitions at the museum comply with ADA standards in terms of space requirements between display furniture to allow sufficient maneuvering clearance for wheelchairs.

    The Harn Museum of Art has two standard wheelchairs, one extra wide wheelchair, and two walkers for visitors.

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