For the past 50+ years, the studio faculty from the UF School of Art + Art History (SA+AH) have shown their work together in an annual collective exhibition that allows them to share their art practice with students, colleagues and the community. The current presentation marks the 54th exhibition and the seventh time the Harn has hosted the show. More than twenty faculty artists working in a varied range of media are featured in this year’s exhibition. Most work solo while also contributing to their discipline and the local, national, and international reputation of UF’s Art Department. Together they help define and reflect the historical moment in which they are working.

The exhibition provides visitors a glimpse into the creative and professional work of these exemplary artists and educators and affords an exclusive opportunity to view new directions in their work. Visitors to the exhibition will see an extensive and varied body of work—some on view for the first time—featuring sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, fiber arts, mixed-media, video and installations.