Terry Evans: Stories of the American Prairies features thirty-three photographs by acclaimed Chicago-based photographer, Terry Evans. The exhibition is a love letter to America’s Heartland documenting the ecological transformations of the mid-west from Texas to Canada. Evans’s micro-to-macro perspectives examine the land from the ground and from the air (the latter not by drone). Her art comes out of a knowledge of the history of landscape photography, art history, the history of her region, and America’s industrial development. And her vision is distinctly humanist, at once grassroots and universal. Evans’s art and message (equal parts fable, history, and autobiography) are relevant to Gainesville, also a prairie land with rapid development. Her photographs speak to our collective health and well-being, fitting for our time.

A Small Central Illinois Prairie by Terry Evans
Terraced Plowing, Saline County, Kansas, 1990 by Terry Evans