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To safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, the museum will be closed to the public until further notice, but we look forward to bringing you new and exciting content related to our collections and exhibitions on this page. We hope you will check back often to see what new information, ideas and inspiration we have to offer. For art activities instruction and art activities you can try at home, visit our Harn at Home web area.


Artist Maggie Taylor on "Through the Looking-Glass" and "What Alice Found There"
Maggie Taylor discusses her book and artistry in "Through the Looking-Glass" and "What Alice Found There." Works of art featured in the book are on view in the exhibition Dreaming Alice: Maggie Taylor Through the Looking-Glass. Read more about the exhibition.



Peace, Power and Prestige: Metal Arts in Africa Gold Ensemble
Harn Museum of Art Curator of African Art Susan Cooksey discusses a gold ensemble on view in "Peace, Power and Prestige: Metal Arts in Africa. Read more about the exhibition.


"African Metalwork" Interview
Harn Museum of Art Director of Education and Curator of Academic Programs, Eric Segal interviews Harn Curator of African Art, Susan Cooksey about her new exhibition Peace, Power and Prestige: Metal Arts in Africa during our virtual Museum Nights that took place on April 9. Read more about the exhibition.


"Dreaming Alice: Maggie Taylor Through the Looking-Glass" Introduction
Dreaming Alice celebrates internationally-acclaimed artist Maggie Taylor and her recent body of work, an illustration of "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There," by Lewis Carroll. Taylor has garnered widespread attention for her breakthrough use of technology in her art. Read more about the exhibition.


"Peace, Power and Prestige: Metal Arts in Africa" Introduction
Susan Cooksey, Harn Curator of African Art
This recently installed exhibition explores the roles of metal objects in sustaining, unifying and enhancing life in African communities, while demonstrating the aesthetic and expressive power of metal arts. Read more about the exhibition.


Video Archive

UF Health Shands Radiology Examination of Two Sculptures
Drs. Bob and Eric Thoburn led a team of scientists to take X-ray and CT scan images of a 17th century Japanese bodhisattva and a rare Joseon dynasty Korean wooden sculpture.


"Artists Can Change the Status Quo"
Kerry Oliver-Smith, Curator of Contemporary Art
Created in conjunction with The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene soon to open at the DePaul Art Museum.

Video Created by UF News and Communications


David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing Rock Garden
Martin McKeller, Harn Asian Garden Specialist discusses the Harn's rock garden.

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