Global Perspectives: Highlights from the Contemporary Collection

October 12, 2019  September 25, 2022

Global Perspectives: Highlights from the Contemporary Collection is a celebration of global interconnectedness. The Harn’s curators worked together to find shared themes and create conversations from a variety of mediums and perspectives covering Asia, Africa, Europe, and North, Central and South America.

Dulce Román, Chief Curator and Curator of Modern Art, connects the architecture and energy of urban life of the United States with those of China and Indonesia. Artists John Baeder and Yvonne Jacquette focus on the architecture and culture of New York, whereas Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado explores the overwhelming cityscapes in Jakarta and Shanghai.

Working with the African collection, Susan Cooksey, Curator of African Art chose artists who allude to cultural and historic motifs. British-Kenyan artist Magdalene Anyango N. Odundo’s ceramic vessels reference Zulu and Mangbetu women’s flared coiffures, and American artist Kehinde Wiley’s re-presentation of a 21st-century couple is modeled after a specific archetypal sculpture from the Dogon people of Mali.

Jason Steuber, Director of the Appleton Museum of Art and former Cofrin Curator of Asian Art, and Allysa Peyton, Assistant Curator of Asian Art selected works that reflect on remnants of tradition, and the evolution of process. Contemporary ink artist Yangtze (Grace) Tong pushes the medium to new heights of expressiveness and scale, while Paul Binnie continues the tradition of wood-block printing and tattooed ink onto skin.

Carol McCusker, Curator of Photography, examines art from points below the equator, as seen in Sebastião Salgado’s photography, and other works from the collection of Héctor Puig. The artists’ practice is a political act, a manifestation of the poetry, struggle, opposition and resiliency of daily life in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador and beyond.

Bringing together each curator’s vision into one gallery, with juxtapositions of 50+ artworks from around the world, generates new interpretations and dialogues. Resonances across cultures, temporal and spatial boundaries, and artistic genres illuminate these artists’ global commonalities and accomplishments.



This exhibition is made possible by the UF 150th Anniversary Cultural Plaza Endowment with additional support from the Harn Annual Fund.


Image credits
Slide 1
Left: Kehinde Wiley, American, born 1977, "Dogon Couple," 2008, oil on canvas, museum purchase, funds provided by the David A. Cofrin Acquisition Endowment and Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Fund
Right: John Baeder, American, born 1938, "Market Diner," c. 1980, silkscreen, gift of Leonard Velick
Slide 2
Left: Yvonne Jacquette, American, born 1934, "Chelsea Composite II," 1995, oil on linen, museum purchase, gift of Mary Ann P. Cofrin
Middle: Magdalene Anyango N. Odundo, British, born Kenya, 1950, "Vessel Series I, no. 1," 2004, red clay, fired once, museum purchase, funds provided by friends of the Harn Museum
Right: Myrna Báez, Mexican, 1931 – 2018, "Visión," 1988, wood relief/serigraphy, on loan from Hector Puíg
Slide 3
Left: Yangtze Tong (Grace Tong), Chinese, born 1942, "Calligraphy," unknown date, ink on paper, museum purchase, funds provided by the David A. Cofrin Fund for Asian Art
Right: Roberto “Yiyo” Tirado, Puerto Rican, born 1990, "Entidad Seudosagrada," 2013, woodcut, on loan from Hector Puíg