Framing Nature

View nature through the eyes of artists around the globe in this exhibition opening February 2.

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Upcoming Events

  • HESCAH Lecture Feb 9

    Harn Eminent Chair in Art History Lecture Series

    The Harshest Cut: Circumcision in Medieval Christian Art and Thought
    Sara Lipton, Professor of History, Stony Brook University, will examine representations and rhetorical uses of circumcision in late medieval Christian sources—manuscript illuminations, sermons, political satire and poetry. Negative treatments of the practice that construe it as brutal and hypocritical project onto Jews concerns about the body, the flesh and the material world. Reception to follow lecture.


  • Museum Nights Feb 11

    Dancing in the Moonlight

    Experience African arts focused on masquerade dances and ceremonies. Join discussions in Dawoud Bey: First-Year Florida Re-Visited. Challenge your preconceptions; engage in a creative activity; enjoy a performance. Hear from African Art curator Susan Cooksey and UF doctoral candidate Ndubuisi Ezeloumba on new masking traditions in Nigeria. Additional support for this evening provided by the UF Center for African Studies.



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