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  • "Monsters and the Monstrous" Opens Jan 22

    Monsters and the Monstrous springs from a UF undergraduate course designed by Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig (UF Health Science Center Library), and team-taught by four undergraduates in the Honors Program in the 2018 fall semester. Its focus is on the nature of “monsters”—how society fears, defines or embraces monsters of all kinds, in many cultures and eras. 

  • Curator Talk Jan 26

    Curator Talk: Inside Outside: Outside Inside—A Century of East Asian Landscapes 1900s–2000s 
    Inside Outside highlights how East Asian landscape traditions remain vibrant in our contemporary world. Artists from China, Japan, and Korea, in dialogue with earlier conventions, often simultaneously echo and contradict artistic traditions. Jason Steuber, Cofrin Curator of Asian Art, will discuss how artists use formats that clearly are rooted in tradition but reflect the rapid transformation of urban and natural environments. 



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