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  • HESCAH Lecture Mar 21

    Harn Eminent Scholar Chair in Art History Lecture 

    Plotting the Roman Garden


    Bettina Bergmann, Helene Phillips Herzig '49 Professor of Art History, Mount Holyoke College

    Tracing key “plots” in the rediscovery of gardens on the Bay of Naples since the 19th century, this lecture tells the story of when and why the first garden plots were excavated, and how their reconstructions inspired narratives and visualizations of Roman daily life. Shaped by politics, garden archaeology is not ideology-free. Today’s tourists in Pompeii look through the ruined walls of houses and glimpse lush precincts that are far removed from the finds of archaeologists and the experiences of their original owners and inhabitants. 


    Reception to follow.


    For more information on “Plotting the Garden: Politics and Narrative in the Literature and Culture of Gardens, a 2-day conference at the University of Florida, click here.

  • HMoD 4.0 Mar 23

    Harn Museum of Dance (HMoD) 4.0: Off the Wall

    Explore galleries set-into-motion as performers dance art “off the wall." In sinew, kinetic shape and space, choreography and live performance will bring visual art and the body into captivating dialogue. Drop-in or pick up a schedule and map. Simultaneous performances by students and special guests offer front-row experiences throughout the afternoon; and talk-backs activate reflection and conversation. Also featured are excerpts from José Limón’s “The Traitor,” the singular performance of a Zaouli mask (Cote d’Ivoire), and an Afro-Brazilian Samba Reggae culminating in a dance party for all. In its 4th year, HMoD is a collaboration with the UF Center for World Arts presenting the faculty and students of the School of Theatre and Dance.


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