Internships are offered in all museum departments with the goal of providing professional experience and growth opportunities. With guidance from museum professionals, interns gain practical experience by working on projects and programs. In addition, the museum benefits from the contributions made by interns. Past interns have gone on to other internships or careers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum of Art and the J. Paul Getty Museum, among others. Internships require participants to complete a specific number of hours per week. During these hours, interns complete the objectives of specific target projects and daily departmental assignments. Harn Museum internships are available on an ongoing basis with three yearly application deadlines and selection periods.

The Harn offers three funded internship opportunities: The Criser Internship, the Dixie Neilson Museum Studies Registration Internship and the E. Robert Langley Internship. For details, please see the application instructions.

Visit the below links for project descriptions and more information. Click here for the application and here for instructions.

Deadline for Applications

Fall term internships due June 1.
Spring term internships due October 15.
Summer term internships due March 15. Rental Events Internship deadline extended to April 5.


Summer 2017 Internships

Intern Project Descriptions
Specific requirements and time ranges are indicated within each project description.

Funded Internships Available this Summer
The Criser Internship (for Rental Events applicant), the Dixie Neilson Museum Studies Registration Internship and the E. Robert Langley Internship are available.


Photography Research


Student Member Ambassador
Event Planning


Academic Programs
School Programs
Tour Programs
Campus Engagement
Interactive Gallery Design





Marketing +
Public Relations

Web and Social Media


Retail Management
Product Development


General Registration Internship

Student Initiated

Student Initiated Project

Museum Rentals

Rental Events


Harn Voices

I enjoyed working at the Harn even as a full- time intern. I was able to capitalize on the extra time and one-on-one engagement with different curators. I definitely strengthened my skills by working as an intern and also developed a greater level of confidence in my ability to curate in the future.


Summer Intern, 2016

Harn Voices

The Harn is a place that fosters education and a sense of community. I value being a part of this community as an intern, UF student and lover of art. The opportunities and fun here are endless!


Summer Intern, 2016

Harn Voices

During my internship, I worked on an engaging, immersive project with Susan Cooksey that gave me valuable insight into curatorial work in a museum. It is wonderful to be a part of the Harn community because of the warm encouragement and support we all give each other.


Summer Intern, 2016

Harn Voices

At my internship, I lead the MUSE team to develop activities for Museum Nights. Working with this team of awesome and diverse UF students helped me grow my leadership and teamwork skills. I also received great support from the entire staff as well as the other interns and it was overall a very empowering experience. Most of all, I learned that people love to engage with, discuss and learn about art if you give them right context to do so. 


Summer Intern, 2016