More about the Ancient American Collection

The Harn Museum of Art’s Ancient American collection primarily features objects from Mesoamerica, Central America and the Central Andes, including a strong collection of West Mexican ceramic figures from the Nayarit, Colima and Jalisco areas. Other Mesoamerican works include a small Olmec head, Mayan ceramic vessels and jade adornments, and a small collection of Maya stucco portrait heads. The Harn also has a small collection of Toltec and Zapotec ceramics and two Aztec stone feathered serpents. Central American objects, mainly from Costa Rica, include a collection of ceramic vessels, whistles, grinding stones and jade adornments.

The Andean collection includes objects from the Moche, Chavin and Chimu cultures of the North Coastal area, and the Inca and Nazca from the Southern Coast. Most notable among these are polychrome ceramics and textiles. The museum also has a collection of Taino stone, ceramic and coral sculpture from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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