Becoming a Free Member

How do I sign up for a membership?
To join the Harn’s membership program, please visit We ask that you renew your membership online in September (don't worry, we'll email you a reminder) and once renewed, your membership will be current through August 31 of the following year.

I’m having difficulty signing up. Who can I contact?
Please contact Allison Hudson at the Harn Development Office for assistance. Email her at or call 352.294.7055.


Managing Your Membership

I have moved. How do I change my address?
First, log in to our Member Portal here. Once logged in, select the "Manage Your Membership" option. Once on your profile page, you will be able to update your contact information and member preferences.

My email address has changed.
We can help! For assistance, contact or call 352.294.7055.

I graduated! Is my free student membership still valid?
Congratulations! You are still a member; however, if you are no longer a UF student we can help you transition to a General Member. If you are a recent graduate, you should have received an email from us requesting that you transition to a General Membership. If you graduated prior to 2015, please contact or call 352.294.7055 for assistance.


Harn Digital Membership Card App

Now that my membership is free, do I still receive a membership card?
Yes, you do! Now you will be receiving your membership card digitally as part of the Harn’s Digital Membership Card App. Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, you will need to log in to see your digital membership card.  You will use the same username and password that you used when signing up for your membership online.

Why should I download the Harn's Digital Member Card App?
With the Digital Member Card App, at the tip of your fingers, you gain admission to hundreds of museums throughout North America plus exclusive discounts at the Museum’s store and café! Search for museums both near and far and show your digital member card at the door.

How do I download the Harn’s Digital Member Card App?
If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Harn’s Digital Member Card App on the App Store by searching "UF Harn Museum of Art."

If you have an Android phone, you can download the app from the Google Play Store by searching "UF Harn Museum of Art."

*Remember that you will need to access the apps directly from your smartphone, as you cannot download a mobile application on a computer.

What if I don’t have an iOS or Android phone?  How do I get a membership card?
If you do not have an iPhone, iPad or Android device or have trouble downloading your digital membership card, please contact or 352.392.7055 for assistance.


Membership Benefits

I previously had access to the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) benefit, but now I don’t. Why?
In years past, access for all members to the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) was made possible by an anonymous friend of the museum who generously matched gifts to the Harn Annual Fund through June 30, 2017. As of September 1, 2017, all free members receive the CUAM benefit and those who make a qualifying gift receive access to NARM and ROAM benefits. UF Students, as sponsored by UF Student Government, continue to receive access to CUAM and NARM.


I previously had a Dual level (or above) membership. Can my spouse/partner still be part of my membership?
As part of moving to free membership, a membership is for one individual only. For you and your partner to both become members, you each need to sign up online. 

I am already a member. What will happen to my membership now that it is free?
Your member benefits will stay mostly the same, with only a few changes.

They are:

  1. Your membership card will now be delivered to you digitally, via the Harn’s Digital Member Card App – available for both for iOS and Android devices. 
  2. The Harn member discount is 10% for all members, with additional discount days throughout the year.
  3. Evites/invitations to member engagement activities

How long does my membership last?
Your membership lasts 12 months. You will receive a reminder to renew once a year in September.  Renewal emails are sent out annually on August 31 to the email you provided when you signed up for Harn Membership. Didn’t get an email? You may not be due for renewal quite yet. Depending on when you signed up or renewed last your membership could be good through August 31 of next year. To confirm, contact or 352.294.7055.

Prior to free membership, I belonged at the Sustainer/Benefactor level. How will I be recognized now that all memberships are free?
Donors to the Annual Fund at $1,000 and above will still receive recognition on the Donor Board in the Harn's Galleria.


Reciprocal Membership Programs

What reciprocal membership benefits do I receive?
The Harn offers all members access to the College and University Art Museum (CUAM) reciprocal program. UF students also receive access to the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association program, thanks to generous funding from UF Student Government. To receive access to NARM and the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM) program, donors must give a minimum of $100 to the Annual Fund.

CUAM Benefits:
CUAM provides free admission to more than 50 art museums at college and university campuses throughout the U.S. See the list of CUAM museums here.

NARM benefits:
NARM grants free member admission to members during regular museum hours, member discounts at museum shops, and the option for discounts on concert or lecture tickets to more than 900 museums nationwide. See the list of NARM museums here. If you wish to receive access to NARM/ROAM, your Annual Fund gift (016131) must be a minimum of $100 which is a requirement of the organization.  Once you have done so, you will receive the NARM and ROAM membership stickers on your digital membership card in the Harn’s Digital Member Card app.

ROAM benefits:
ROAM grants free admission to more than 200 member institutions throughout North America. See the list of ROAM museums here. If you wish to receive access to ROAM, your Annual Fund gift (016131) must be a minimum of $100 which is a requirement of the organization.  Once you have done so, you will receive the ROAM and NARM membership stickers on your digital membership card in the Harn’s Digital Member Card app.

How do I use my membership for free admission to other museums and institutions?
When visiting museums in CUAM, NARM and ROAM, show your digital membership card (part of the Harn’s Digital Member Card App) at the museum’s visitor services desk for free admission.  

*Note that some institutions restrict benefits. Contact the institution you plan to visit for more information.


Supporting the Harn's Annual Fund 

How do I give a donation to support the Harn?
To donate online, please visit:  If writing a check, make it payable and mail to the:

University of Florida Foundation
PO Box 14425
Gainesville, FL

*Please include Fund 016131 in the memo line. 

To give donations over the phone, please call Allison Hudson, Assistant Director of Development, at 352.294.7054. She will be able to transfer you to the UF Gift Processing Office, where your payment will be processed securely. You may also call the UF Gift Processing Office directly at 352.392.8091 or 1.877.351.2377.

How is my membership free? Will I have to give money to keep my membership?
Rather than asking you to pay dues for your membership, we are now offering the benefits of membership free to everyone, asking for yearly donations to the Harn Annual Fund (016131) instead. Now that your membership is free, your annual giving will be in accord with your philanthropy.

What does the Harn Annual Fund (F 016131) support?
Exhibitions, programs and services, and Harn member benefits are funded directly by contributions to the Harn’s Annual Fund.  In recognition of your free membership and in support of the Harn’s excellent free exhibitions and programs, the Harn will ask once a year for your support via the Harn’s Annual Fund.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! All contributions to the Harn Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible and contribute directly to Harn programming.

What is the deadline for my annual gift to count in this year's total? 
Although your Harn Free Membership requires renewal each year on August 31, your annual gift, for tax-deductibility purposes, should be given in accordance with the calendar year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. Contributions are recognized for one year from the date of gift. 

Why should I give to the Harn?
While the Harn Museum of Art receives financial support from the University of Florida for its maintenance and staffing needs, the Harn must seek private-dollar support to fund exhibitions, programs, publications, collections care, and conservation as well as general operating needs.  Support from members and friends like you enables the Harn to remain free and open to the public while funding its robust exhibition, program, and publication efforts.

Is there a limit to how much or how little I can give?
No!  As part of free membership at the Harn, you are free to define your own generosity.  

Do keep in mind that if you wish to receive access to the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association and the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM) programs, your gift Annual Fund (016131) gift must be a minimum of $100. Once you have given a gift of $100 or more, you will receive the NARM and ROAM membership stickers on your digital membership card in the Harn’s Digital Member Card app.

Can I donate anonymously?
Yes. Please mark your gift as anonymous when donating to the University of Florida.

I work for a matching gift company. How do I indicate that when I make my gift?
If your company has a matching gift policy, you may be required to make a gift through their giving community or provide evidence of gift by copy of receipt. Please click here and enter your employer's name to review the matching gift guidelines.