Words on Canvas

Words on Canvas is a writing competition at the Harn Museum of Art for college students interested in engaging museumgoers by writing poetry or prose inspired by works of art. All currently enrolled students from the University of Florida or Santa Fe College are eligible to submit. Prizes are awarded for winning submissions.

This year, Words on Canvas is partnering with the School of Architecture for a special thematic competition we call Walks on Canvas. The Walking Station is a creative research project led by Assistant Professor Sarah Gamble that dispenses walking prompts and short literature about walking from a physical kiosk on demand. Winning writing competition entries in Walks on Canvas will be dispensed by the Walking Station while it is installed at the Harn in Spring 2024. Visitors can print, and then be guided and/or inspired to explore the museum and its collection. The Walking Station offers accessible experiences, with ‘walking’ used as an inclusive term for human-powered travel at slow speeds, such as rolling via wheelchair or stroller.

2024 Walks on Canvas

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For more information, contact wordsoncanvas@harn.ufl.edu.