Hometown: Miami, FL
Major: English and Mathematics

Intern Abi Li at work

Who is your favorite artist? 

My favorite artist is Ana Mendieta. Her creative approaches to representing the female form are unparalleled. 

What’s a new skill that you’ve learned at the Harn? 

I’ve learned a variety of art techniques throughout my internship, especially how to make different mediums accessible to a younger audience. 

What’s your favorite thing to do outside? 

I love to skateboard! I haven’t done it in a while, but it calls to me every night. 

How has the Mary M. James Student Inspiration Fund impacted your academic/career development? 

The Mary M. James Student Inspiration Fund has alleviated considerable financial burden, giving me the ability to fully devote myself to causes I’m passionate about – broadening museum access to children with special needs and low-income families. 

In what ways do you engage with the local community through your internship? 

The Harn works directly with the public to further museum education and engagement. It offers free public events and activities where visitors can make art inspired by the works on display. One creative experience is enough to inspire a long-lasting relationship with the arts, which is our goal for every person that visits the museum. 

How has your experience as a Community Programs intern helped you beyond the Harn? 

My time at the Harn has shown me that art can be made from anything, and a sustainable future is truly attainable. I grew accustomed to seeing large amounts of waste, but the Education department is incredibly efficient and maximizes the use of every material. This has translated to my personal projects where my creations can be used to give life to something new.  


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