Hometown: San José, Costa Rica
Major: Business Administration with a specialization in Classical Studies

Why were you interested in the Development Communications internship?

The Development Communications internship gave me the perfect opportunity to use my background in business administration to interact with the arts, one of my life-long passions. I’ve always loved museums, and I was attracted to the idea of supporting one of these institutions administratively. This was a career path that interested me, and the internship was a great way to decide if I wanted to pursue it further.

What excites you about interning at the Harn? 

The Harn has been one of my go-to places since the start of college, so I’m excited about spending time in one of my favorite places in Gainesville. As an art enthusiast, I couldn’t be happier about working while surrounded by wonderful works of art as well contributing towards the museum’s maintenance.

How important was it for you to receive the Mary M. James Student Inspiration Fund stipend? 

The Mary M. James Student Inspiration Fund is what made it possible for me to participate in this internship. Without the funds, it would’ve been difficult for me to stay in Gainesville for the summer, but thanks to the award I can be part of this exciting experience without worrying about the economic burden.

Favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the table area in front of Lake Alice. In the evenings, you get a nice view of both the lake and the bat houses. I think it’s the perfect spot for relaxing after or even during exam season.

What’s something you like to do for fun in your free time?

I’m a huge fan of comics, so I spend most of my free time reading and reviewing any comics I come across. I also like trying out baking recipes!

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