Watch the video to learn how artists capture actions, like dance moves, with colors, lines and shapes. Then, follow the instructions to create your own movement-inspired art with paint and your favorite dance moves!


What You’ll Need:

• Protective cover for your art-making surface
• Large sheet of paper
• Weighted objects
• Tray or paper plates
• Washable paint
• Paper towels

What You’ll Do:

1. Spread out a protective sheet over your art-making surface. This will help with clean-up since this activity will be messy!
• Tip: Old newspapers and paper bags work well as protective covers.

2. Place a large sheet of paper on top of your protective art-making surface. Secure in place with weighted objects.
• Tip: Rocks and paint containers work well to weigh the paper down.

3. Place an assortment of paints on to your tray or paper plates.

4. Carefully step into the tray or paper plate to coat feet with paint.

5. Step onto your paper then dance! Jump, spin, march and/or tiptoe onto your paper to create movement inspired art. Be careful! The paint may be slippery.
• Tip: Use a different color for each dance movement to explore what each footprint looks like.
• Tip: Experiment with mixing colors. Use primary colors (red, yellow and blue) to mix secondary colors (purple, orange and green) through foot movement!

6. Wash up then admire your movement inspired art!