Office of the Director

Lee Anne Chesterfield, Ph.D. Headshot

Lee Anne Chesterfield, Ph.D.


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Jody Green Headshot

Jody Green

Assistant to the Director and Special Projects Manager

Michael Quiñones

Museum Technology Manager

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Parker Hunt

AV/IT Support Tech


Marketing and Public Relations

Tami Wroath Headshot

Tami Wroath

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

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Heather Bjorn Headshot

Heather Bjorn

Communications Specialist

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Antonio LaManna Headshot

Antonio LaManna

Marketing and Public Relations Administrative Assistant

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Allison Hudson Headshot

Allison J. Hudson

Assistant Director of Development

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Blythe Garrett Headshot

Blythe L. Garrett

Development Administrative Assistant

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Paige Willis

Paige Willis

Community Engagement and Museum Interpretation Manager

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Ana Gamboa Headshot

Ana Gamboa

Tour and Program Coordinator

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Allysa Peyton Headshot

Allysa B. Peyton

Student Engagement Manager

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Jessica Uelsmann Headshot

Jessica Uelsmann

Senior Registrar

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Liz Rodgers Headshot

Liz Rodgers

Registrar for Exhibitions and Loans

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Timothy Dygert Headshot

Tim Dygert

Preparator and Installation Coordinator

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Natasha Alexander Headshot

Natasha Alexander

Registrar of Exhibitions and Loans

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Beth Hinrichs Headshot

Beth Hinrichs

Assistant Registrar and Preparator

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Foad Seyed Mohammadi Headshot

Foad Seyed Mohammadi

Technical Photographer

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Tim Joiner

Tim Joiner: In Memoriam

Preparator & Exhibition Coordinator

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Business Office

Perihan Brown

Financial and Accounting Analyst

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Deborah Bednarz Headshot

Deborah Bednarz

Human Resources Manager

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Shannon Penny Headshot

Shannon Penny

Fiscal Assistant III

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Casey Martin Headshot

Casey Martin

Business Office Assistant

Visitor Engagement

Salina Cardias Headshot

Salina Cardias

Director of Visitor Engagement

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Kat Perlstein

Rental Event Coordinator

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Jeanine Tatlock Headshot

Jeanine Tatlock

Visitor Services Coordinator

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Stephanie Perez Headshot

Stephanie Perez

Store Clerk

Felicia Petrone

Store Clerk

Madison Lopez

Visitor Service & Security Assistant

Building Maintenance & Security

Fausto Silva

Fausto Silva

Building Maintenance + Security Supervisor

Dave Johnson Headshot

Dave Johnson

Senior Security Guard

Steven Seipp Headshot

Steve Seipp

Senior Security Guard

Brian Esser Headshot

Brian Esser

Senior Security Guard

Rebecca Matson Headshot

Rebecca Matson

Senior Security Guard

Holly Cormack Headshot

Holly Cormack

Security + Visitor Engagement Assistant

Willet Hancock Headshot

Willett Hancock

Security + Visitor Engagement Assistant

Tessa Bohn-Carmichael

Security + Visitor Engagement Assistant

Adam Hennig

Security + Visitor Engagement Assistant

Jerremy Fetko

Jerremy Fetko

Security + Visitor Engagement Assistant

Tea McGregor

Tea McGregor

Security + Visitor Engagement Assistant

Cecil Courtney Headshot

Cecil Courtney

Facilities Coordinator

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Ash Medici

Ash Medici

Landscape & Gardens Manager

Harn National Council Members

The purpose of the Harn National Council is to increase the Harn’s visibility nationally and internationally, broaden the base of support from UF Alumni, friends and art collectors, and to advance fundraising goals.

Ken and Laura Berns
Gainesville, FL

Edward and Joanne Block
Gainesville, FL

Norman and Irma Braman
Miami, FL

Russ and Deirdre Fogler
Gainesville, FL

Jeffrey and Carol Horvitz
Beverly, MA

Cynthia O’Connell
Tallahassee, FL

Lorna Rubin
Gainesville, FL

Robert and Elizabeth Sanchez
Gainesville, FL

Steve Shey
Gainesville, FL

Aase Thompson
Gainesville, FL

Sara and James Toussaint
Gainesville, FL

Marilyn Tubb
Gainesville, FL

Samuel H. and Roberta T. Vickers
Jacksonville, FL

Lauren Lemasters
UF Student Body President
Gainesville, FL

Leslie Klein
Harn Docent Board President
Gainesville, FL


Mary Ann H. Cofrin
Hazel (deceased) and Bill Hough (deceased)
Bob (deceased) and Nancy Magoon
Mel Rubin (deceased)
Carol Shey
Ron Shore
Rick Thompson