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Incorporate art into your classroom. Use these resources to prepare your students in advance of a field trip or to integrate cross-curriculum teaching opportunities. For more information about any of our educator resources, contact Brandi Breslin at bbreslin@harn.ufl.edu or 352.294.7060.


Educator Workshops

Educator Workshops are free, but registration is limited. Alachua County Public Schools teachers can sign up on ACIIS using the workshop course numbers listed for each workshop.  Non-ACPC teachers can register by emailing Brandi Breslin at bbreslin@harn.ufl.edu.

Spring Educator Workshop
"Screen Printing for the Art Classroom"
February 21, 2018

2 - 4:30 pm
Inspired by the exhibition History, Labor, Life: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence, K-12 Art Educators will participate in a collaborative screen printing process applicable to the classroom.
Educator Workshops are free, but seating is limited. ACPS teachers will earn 3 in-service points for participation - register for Course 21058 Section 26088 in ACIIS. Non-ACPS teachers can register via email to bbreslin@harn.ufl.edu.


Download the guide.

Jacob Lawrence Curriculum Guide for Educators

History, Labor, Life: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence Curriculum Resource Guide was created by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to provide exercises based on National Core Arts Standards and to support educators, both within the museum’s exhibition spaces and in their classrooms.

This guide provides learning exercises to explore the life and work of Jacob Lawrence, whose artistic dedication to the themes of social and historical consciousness, community, and aspiration have a special resonance for educators and students alike. Lawrence’s prints provide the basis for activities that encourage students to examine, evaluate and create art, while providing cross-disciplinary links to mathematics, language arts and history. For more information about the exhibition, visit the exhibition page.


Online Resources

Downloadable images, information and lesson guides for K-12 teachers are available for a number of objects in the Harn’s collection. These are located on the right of this page. Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Visual Arts connections are made through a variety of art and themes, including Florida History, American History, World Cultures, Environmental Activism and more.

Online resources include:

  • Engaging with Aftermath – Explore the Harn’s original exhibition Aftermath: The Fallout of War and introduce students to global current events through images, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art lessons.
  • Symbolism & Ceremony in African Masquerades – Investigate a variety of masquerade traditions and gain an understanding of the vital connection between visual art and cultural expression.
  • Art & Science of Nature Journals – Build observation skills and find connections between art and science instruction through nature journals and scientific illustration.
  • Writing through the Museum – Discover easy ways to extend your classroom to a museum visit, and find ready-to-print prompts for art-inspired writing.
  • Monet and American Impressionism – bring beautiful Impressionist images into the classroom and investigate the connections among scientific discovery, technological advances and artistic developments.
  • Chinese Jades of the Qing Dynasty – explore symbolism in art, language and literature as you explore the miniature worlds depicted in Chinese jade carvings.
  • Johan Theodor deBry from “A Brief Narration of Europeans in Florida” – complement studies of European exploration of the New World with these historic images, and inspire students to practice illustrating stories.
  • Frank Hamilton Taylor, A Trip on the Ocklawaha – discover the 19th century rising popularity of Florida’s natural areas, and introduce the connections between scientific observation and drawing.
  • Dancing Ganesh – enjoy a closer look at this popular figure in Indian culture.


Planning a School Visit

Find detailed information about planning a field trip to the Harn on our Tours page or download our Field Trip Guide.


Educator Resource Program

The Bishop Study Center has a number of resources available for educators to check-out, including textbooks, children’s picture books, education and visual arts theory books, classroom manipulatives, videos and games. For more information about this program, visit our Bishop Study Center page. This borrowing program also offers classic Harn resource notebooks that investigate a number of works through a common theme, including:

  • Stories in Art
  • Exploring African Arts
  • ExploreASIA
  • Reading the World of Arts
  • Integrated Learning through the Visual Arts
  • Visual Language of Our Time
  • Exploring Photography
  • Everyday Art
  • Shaping the Past and Present
  • Threads Connect Cultures
  • Coming Together – Asian Festivals and Celebrations
  • Ancient American Art and Mythology


Outreach Visits

Teachers interested in using Harn resources in the classroom may enhance the experience by scheduling an interactive class presentation by a museum educator. Contact Brandi Breslin (bbreslin@harn.ufl.edu) to discuss this opportunity and begin the scheduling process.


Exhibition Checklists

Illustrated lists of works on view are available for each of our exhibitions. Visit our exhibition pages to download specific checklists. These may assist teachers in planning and customizing field trips. Additional lists of works on view, grouped by theme or subject are available upon request. Contact bbreslin@harn.ufl.edu