Early Learning at the Harn

Early Learning at the Harn is a school and museum-based program for pre-K and kindergarten children to promote visual literacy, vocabulary development and individual expression, especially for children of low-income families who face an educational achievement gap. The program features multiple components that include teacher workshops, in-class lessons, museum field trips, and school-based family programs.

Field trips are organized around the theme “The Language of Art.” This guides students to investigate how images are related to words and how pictures tell stories. It also provides a foundation for investigating the Elements of Art, such as line, color and shape. In addition to an age-appropriate gallery experience, students also get to create art during the museum visit.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Early Learning at the Harn served a total of 27 classes and 500 children and families through a partnership with Alachua County Public Schools.  Participating children were enrolled in Head Start (age 4) classes at Duval Early Learning Academy, Fearnside Family Services Center, Terwilliger Elementary and Wiles Elementary, in addition to Duval ELA kindergarten classes.

Plans for the 2018-2019 school year include expansion of Early Learning at the Harn to all Head Start (age 4) classes in Alachua County Public Schools. For more information, contact Eric Segal, Director of Education, esegal@harn.ufl.edu.

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