Current Exhibitions

View frequently changing exhibitions drawn from the Harn’s collections of more than 13,000 works of art, and loans from private lenders, artists and other art museums. Works on display in eleven galleries include paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, photography, video, beadwork, textiles and more. The Harn’s collection galleries focus on African, Asian, modern and contemporary art and photography.

On View

Rania Matar, " Jen and Robbie, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2021," 2021, Museum purchase, funds provided by the Melvin and Lorna Rubin Fund

AWE-some : time :: materiality :: meaning

November 22, 2022–May 14, 2023
Rubin Gallery

AWE-some celebrates new photographs recently bought for, or donated to, the Harn’s permanent collection. Its theme: recognition of several brilliant, dedicated photographers, their time, their actual prints (not on a screen), and why they made them. AWE-some spawns self-reflection and an appreciation for the vision and artistry of fifteen fine art photographers. 

Wosene Worke Kosrof, "Scrolls of the Ancestor #IV," 1994, Gift of Drs. Israel and Michaela Samuelly, in honor of Nancy P. Mendenhall

Speechless: Text & Image in Global Culture

June 7, 2022–December 30, 2022
Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall

Speechless is a fascinating look at how words, aesthetics and materials have supported religious, political and socio-cultural agendas for millennia. Drawn from the Harn Museum of Art’s five collecting areas, this exhibition looks at the use of words within a rich selection of matrices that cover a range of cultures and periods from the 19th century BCE to the present.

Kang Tao 康涛, "Ladies with Children in a Garden," 1721, Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), Museum purchase, funds provided by the Robert H. and Kathleen M. Axline Acquisition Endowment, Photography by Randy Batista

She/Her/Hers: Women in the Arts of China

March 1, 2022–April 7, 2024
David A. Cofrin Asian Wing

Drawing from the Harn’s Chinese art collection, this exhibition unravels the intersecting roles women played as subjects, artists, and consumers of art in traditional, modern and contemporary China. It features a wide range of works including paintings, calligraphy, textiles, ceramics, bronzes, photographs and lacquer and silver wares, some of which have never been on view before. Organized around four themes, Representing Femininity, Anonymous Beauty, Female Artists, and Beyond the Boudoir, this exhibition not only realizes a full spectrum but also provides a more nuanced view of women’s dynamic engagements with and contributions to the arts of China throughout history.  

Albert Ernest Backus, "Road through the Orange Grove," undated, The Florida Art Collection, Gift of Samuel H. and Roberta T. Vickers, Photography by Randy Batista

Florida Impressions: Gift of Samuel H. and Roberta T. Vickers

September 21, 2021–ongoing
Julia and Budd H. Bishop Gallery

Florida Impressions: Gift of Samuel H. and Roberta T. Vickers celebrates the transformative gift to the Harn Museum of Art from Samuel and Roberta Vickers who formed one of the world’s most extensive collections of Florida-themed art. The exhibition follows the inaugural exhibition of the gift, A Florida Legacy, and features more than fifty paintings representing about forty-five artists who drew inspiration from Florida’s history, landmarks and natural attractions.

Kehinde Wiley, "Dogon Couple," 2008, Museum purchase, funds provided by the David A. Cofrin Acquisition Endowment and Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Fund

Global Perspectives: Highlights from the Contemporary Collection

October 12, 2019–October 1, 2023
S.F.I. Exhibition Hall in Honor of Avery Myles

This exhibition is a celebration of global interconnectedness. The Harn’s curators worked together to find shared themes and create conversation from a variety of mediums and perspectives covering Asia, Africa, Europe, and North, Central, and South America. More than 50 artworks from around the world generate new interpretations and dialogues. Resonances across cultures, temporal and spatial boundaries and artistic genres illuminate these artists’ global commonalities and accomplishments.

Kim Hongdo (Dan Won), "Hunting with Falcons," Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), late 18th Century, c. 1792-1795, ink and color on silk

Everyday to the Extraordinary: Highlights from the Korean Collection

August 27, 2020–Ongoing
David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

The exhibition Everyday to the Extraordinary: Highlights from the Korean Collection includes objects from everyday life alongside exemplars of artistic production. Ceramics in the exhibition span nearly 2,500 years of history, from the Three Kingdoms Period (57 BCE–668 CE) to the present, while paintings date from the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910) and into the 20th century.

Hakuko Ono, "Yurikinsai tsubo (Vase with underglaze gold decoration)," ca. 1990, Gift of Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz


David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing, Axline Gallery

Contemporary Japanese ceramic artists make objects that challenge traditional definitions of clay, in both technique and aesthetic expression. The works on display demonstrate a wide variety of transformations, innovations and reinterpretations of traditional wares. While some artists defy notions of inside versus outside, others conceptualize new definitions of form through materials, processes, surface treatments and firing methods.

Ekpeye artist, Nigeria, "Water Spirit Mask," c. 1970, Museum purchase with funds provided by the Ruth P. Phillips Acquisition Fund, Photo: Randy Batista.

Elusive Spirits: African Masquerades

James G. and Caroline Julier Richardson Gallery

Masks from the mid-20th century to the early 21st century show the continuity of masking but also feature new directions in masquerades. Although much of the exhibition focuses on the spiritual and religious foundations of masking, it also explores masking aesthetics looking at dazzling costumes, music and dance.

China, "Boulder with Figures in a Landscape," Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Bequest of Dr. David A. Cofrin. Photo: Randy Batista.

Highlights from the Asian Collection

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

The Cofrin Asian Art Wing contains four main galleries with more than 680 works showcasing the Harn's collections of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and South and Southeast Asian Art.

(detail) George Wesley Bellows, "Jim Twadell's Place," 1924, gift of William H. and Eloise R. Chandler

Highlights from the Modern Collection

S.F.I. Gallery in honor of Chauncey Stillman

This exhibition presents highlights from the museum’s holdings of American, European and Latin American art spanning the mid-19th century through the first half of the 20th century.