Future Exhibitions

The Harn Museum of Art is dedicated to offering as much information as possible about our upcoming exhibitions in order to assist in planning your visit and to encourage collaboration with university and community partners. We will continue to update our future exhibition pages as plans and programs are solidified.


Kang Tao 康涛, "Ladies with Children in a Garden," 1721, Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), Museum purchase, funds provided by the Robert H. and Kathleen M. Axline Acquisition Endowment, Photography by Randy Batista

She/Her/Hers: Women in the Arts of China

March 1, 2022–March 24, 2024
David A. Cofrin Asian Wing

Drawing from the Harn’s Chinese art collection, this exhibition unravels the intersecting roles women played as subjects, artists, and consumers of art in traditional, modern and contemporary China. It features a wide range of works including paintings, calligraphy, textiles, ceramics, bronzes, photographs and lacquer and silver wares, some of which have never been on view before. Organized around four themes, Representing Femininity, Anonymous Beauty, Female Artists, and Beyond the Boudoir, this exhibition not only realizes a full spectrum but also provides a more nuanced view of women’s dynamic engagements with and contributions to the arts of China throughout history.  

Dawoud Bey, "Gianna/Rocheline, First-Year Florida Project," 2010, Museum purchase, funds provided by the Melvin and Lorna Rubin Fund

COPIA II: Bringing To Light Photographs From The Permanent Collection

March 22, 2022–October 30, 2022
The Melvin and Lorna Rubin Gallery

COPIA II celebrates new photographs that have entered the Harn Museum of Art’s collection in the last six years, with a few other photographs rarely or never shown before. Copia was the Roman Goddess of Abundance, often portrayed holding a cornucopia; the Latin word copia implies “wealth, variety, fertility,” as well as “a prized, expansive language found in the ancient rhetoricians.” It makes a fitting title for an exhibition featuring photography, a persuasive visual language; and it illustrates the museum’s photography collection which has grown in abundance and variety through the copious generosity of Harn supporters.

Kwame Akoto, "Self Portrait (Do not cry, Kwame)," 2016, Museum purchase with funds provided by the Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Fund

Speechless: Text and Image in Global Culture

May 31, 2022–December 30, 2022
Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall

Speechless is a fascinating look at how words, aesthetics and materials have supported religious, political and socio-cultural agendas for millennia. Drawn from the Harn Museum of Art’s five collecting areas, this exhibition looks at the use of words within a rich selection of matrices that cover a range of cultures and periods. From BCE to the 21st century, Speechless includes a cuneiform-inscribed cone used for political propaganda, illuminated manuscripts from Europe and Ethiopia that served as artful prayers and Chinese scrolls that join poetry with painting. More contemporary works include Cubist and Surrealist use of words for graphic or psychological effect and post-WWII street photographs that revel in words as urban design. Throughout human history, texts within art or craft have communicated reflection, persuasion and delight to viewers, shoring up or challenging ideas of power, tradition, identity and beauty.