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Harn Partners plan thoughtful sponsorship with the Harn to address individual goals and needs while investing in specific or general program support. Learn more about becoming a Harn Partner and see a full listing of current Partners here.


image: (l - r) Co-owners Gary Heil, Anna Heineman, Sally Adkins, Patrick Burger

Spotlight: Cypress & Grove

Q&A with Co-owner Anna Heineman, Cypress & Grove

What inspired you to partner with the Harn?
I reached out to the Harn since my background is in Art History (I have my PHD in Contemporary Art History). My career path took a different turn with brewery ownership, but because I still love going to see the Harn exhibitions, and being involved in the arts, I thought partnering with the Harn would be a great way to merge my two interests.

The Harn’s new exhibition The World to Come opens in September and chronicles ecological damage through contemporary art. How does this exhibition speak to your commitment of respect for the environment? 
We at Cypress & Grove have a deep commitment to the environment. We recycle when we can, and try to be as energy efficient as possible. It is more than just our company policy to take our environmental actions into account; the four of us owners are nature enthusiasts and Planet Earth lovers, and are aware of our footprint on the world. We try to minimize it as much as possible. 

How do you hope this exhibition will impact the community’s respect for the environment?
I’m a strong believer that art exhibitions – much like movies, documentaries, and both fact and fiction literature – can change the way people view the world. I hope viewers of the exhibition will leave it respecting the environment and questioning how they can change their behaviors to protect it.

How does your business philosophy align with the Harn?
Much like the Harn, we strive to make Gainesville a wonderful place to live. Having great art, and fun spaces to get locally made beer makes Gainesville great.

What is a fun fact about your business?
Our brewery is in an old Ice Plant that was operational at the beginning of the 1900s. We use the old well from the building that was once used to make ice to now make beer! The well is 400 feet deep, and pulls water straight from the Floridan Aquifer. The building was once a hub of activity—train cars would ship ice across Florida, and Gainesvillians could come to purchase ice for their home ice boxes and large gatherings. In the summertime, prior to air conditioning, it was the only “cool” place around. We love that our walls have a history, and have new life sharing stories within them now. 

Adrienne Fletcher Photography

First Magnitude Brewing Co.

"Supporting the Harn is supporting the cultural growth of Gainesville. It is also supporting access to art and art education. We are honored to partner with the Harn and we are very happy to support their mission and initiatives however we can so they can continue to do their good and valuable work."

— Christine Denny, President, First Magnitude


"Giving to the Harn is our way of making sure that everyone continues to have access to the programs and exhibits. It is through access that inspiration and appreciation can develop. The world needs more of that."

Domenic Scorpio, President/CEO, Scorpio