Panel Discussion and Book Signing

Cuba's Social and Cultural Life
Sunday, March 17, 3 pm

Join us for a discussion inspired by the work of Cuban artist Pedro Pablo Oliva, whose fantastical and provocative paintings and sculptures address multiple aspects of Cuban life during the last half century. Panelists include David Horta, Curator and specialist on Oliva’s work; Lillian Guerra, UF Professor of Cuban & Caribbean History; and Raul Villarreal, Visual Artist-Author and Coordinator for Cultural Programs, Santa Fe College. A book signing with artist Pedro Pablo Oliva will follow. This program is part of Bulla Cubana, a celebration of arts and culture, promoting the exchange of ideas and inspiration between Cuba and the North Central Florida region.


Plotting the Roman Garden
Thursday, March 21, 6 pm, Reception to follow
Harn Eminent Scholar Chair in Art History Lecture

Bettina Bergmann, Helene Phillips Herzig '49 Professor of Art History, Mount Holyoke College
Tracing key “plots” in the rediscovery of gardens on the Bay of Naples since the 19th century, this lecture tells the story of when and why the first garden plots were excavated, and how their reconstructions inspired narratives and visualizations of Roman daily life. Shaped by politics, garden archaeology is not ideology-free. Today’s tourists in Pompeii look through the ruined walls of houses and glimpse lush precincts that are far removed from the finds of archaeologists and the experiences of their original owners and inhabitants. 

For more information on “Plotting the Garden: Politics and Narrative in the Literature and Culture of Gardens, a 2-day conference at the University of Florida, click here.


The Journeys of Norman Lewis: African-American Artist (1909-1979)
Wednesday, March 27, 6 pm. 
Jacqueline Francis, Chair of the Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts, discusses the exciting work of the 20th century painter Norman Lewis. An African American born and raised in New York, Lewis created modern interpretations of city life, rendered in both representational and abstract modes. This lecture takes inspiration from Lewis’ Untitled (Subway Station), a 1945 painting on loan to the Harn from the Art Bridges Foundation.

Stepping Stones: Motif & Meaning in Inka Rock Carving
Thursday, March 28, 6 pm, Reception to follow

Harn Eminent Scholar Chair in Art History Lecture
Carolyn Dean, Professor of History of Art & Visual Culture, University of California, Santa Cruz
To the Inkas (Incas), founders of the largest indigenous state in the history of the Americas, rocks were partners in creating civilization. In many stories rock came to life and interacted with human beings. One intricately carved megalith, located at the center of Inka power and known as Collaconcho, is described as both sacred and homicidal. This lecture explores what the venerable, powerful, and—at times—hostile Collaconcho meant to the Inkas who revered, feared, and sculpted it.


Gallery Talks

Artist Gallery Talk
Body in Space—Art in the Age of Women's History Month
Sunday, March 31, 3 pm

In this gallery talk, Israel-based UF Visiting Artist Hilla Ben Ari will discuss works by women artists on view in the exhibition ReMaking History. Known for her work reflecting on the feminine body as an intersection of private, social and political conventions, her talk will allow her to perform a dialogue between her feminist practice and works from the Harn collection.

Divergent Convergence: Ways of Seeing
Sunday, April 7, 3 pm

Jason Steuber, Cofrin Curator of Asian Art, Allysa B. Peyton, Assistant Curator of Asian Art, and Elif Akçalı, UF Associate Professor & Associate Chair in Industrial & Systems Engineering will discuss the themes behind the new exhibition Divergent Convergence and explore divergent thinking.

Curator Talk
Collection Focus: American Art Glass
Sunday, April 14, 3 pm

Among the Harn Museum’s many hidden treasures is its growing collection of American art glass by two of the movement’s greatest pioneers, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Frederick Carder.  Dulce Román, Chief Curator and Curator of Modern Art, will discuss the history and artistry behind these exquisite pieces on display in the Highlights from the Modern Collection exhibition.



Harn Eminent Scholar Chair in Art History Symposium
Image, Ornament, Matter: A Symposium of their Limits and Intersections in the History of Art

Crossing boundaries of medium and culture, ornament orders both lived space and the planar surface of its support. This symposium examines the fabrics and frameworks of art history by setting ornament in dialogue with both materialism and pictorialism, in exploration of the limits and intersections of representation, abstraction, and materiality. 

Keynote Lecture 
Friday, April 12, 6 pm, Reception to follow. 

Anne Dunlop, Professor and Herald Chair of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne

Saturday, April 13, 10am – 5pm, Reception to Follow

  • Spyros Papapetros, Associate Professor, History and Theory of Architecture, Princeton University 
  • Irene Backus, Assistant Professor of Art History, Italian Renaissance and Later Imperial Chinese Art, Oklahoma State University 
  • Benjamin Tilghman, Assistant Professor of Art History, Art of Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Washington College 
  • Susanna McFadden, Visiting Assistant Professor, ​Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
  • Ashley Jones, Assistant Professor of Art History; Roman Art; Late Antique, Early Medieval and Byzantine Art; University of Florida
  • Megan McNamee, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Warburg Institute 
  • Meekyung MacMurdie, PhD Candidate in Art History, Islamic Art, University of Chicago

Schedule forthcoming. Please check back.