Gallery Talks

Saturday, May 13, 3 pm 

Piranesi’s Prints: An Architect’s Perspective
Architect Claude Armstrong will discuss Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s Vedute (Views) of Rome, 1750 – 1775, on view in Meant to be Shared. The prints depicted the monuments and engineering of Rome at a new, higher level of accuracy and visual sophistication, reflecting a scientific and painstakingly thorough survey of ancient construction. Armstrong will argue Piranesi sought to go beyond the documentation and dramatization of history, however, entering into the intellectual and artistic mode of the modern architect – projecting not just space, but psychological space, inventions stemming from his scientific knowledge and cultural awareness.

Sunday, June 4, 3 pm 

The Same But Different
Curator Carol McCusker will discuss the latest photography exhibition The Same But Different. Consisting of over 80 photographs from the Harn permanent collection, the exhibition is arranged into 13 distinct themes that uncover each artist’s thinking strategies and working methods as well as the collection’s history and strengths.